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okay svu tonight was amazing

First, Amaro: in that uniform walking to the car ummm sexy. and Rollins is straight ganster just saying.

And the end with Olivia n Alex was having drinks. and When Alex said “Its like we were married”

and Olivia said “But you werent” my heart just sank.

You know e/o  fans what that means. I dont think that Olivia will ever get over Elliot, until he comes back and gives the fans and Olivia some closure. And that will be in time. They are gonna wait for the right time to bring back e/o.

But really i just almost cried when Olivia said that.

i dont know wht it is. i dont like Olivia’s hair up. when she had the bangs back in the day when her character came back from Oregan,(Mariska’s Maturity Leave) that was cute. like in the episode with Dean Porter “Infiltrated”. but i like her her down. Its soo sexy. and i love the way she flips it and i love the colr. idk just me. shes fucking beautiful either way.

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